About Us


CHASE is a think tank, focused at understanding issues which are impacting countries and societies in and around the Himalayan Asia region. It is a platform for exchange of knowledge, views and perspectives among Indian and international experts, diplomats, researchers, writers and advocacy groups who take keen interests in various aspects of political, social, economic and strategic developments in this region.

CHASE is in the process of emerging as a knowledge centre on political and strategic issues related to China and South Asia with special focus on human rights situation in Chinese occupied countries like Tibet, East Turkistan, Southern Mongolia, Manchuria, and Hong Kong. In view of China’s aggressive overtures against some of its neighbors, especially India, Taiwan and Japan, CHASE is evolving as a meeting platform for experts and stakeholder who have concerns for rehabilitation of the rule of law and universally acceptable international conduct in this region.

Since its inception in 2014, CHASE has been actively organizing seminars, conferences and webinars on subjects of wider public interest. Our public seminars have been focused at issues related to China, Tibet, Hong Kong’s democracy movement and other human rights issues related to China. Some of our seminars and online webinars were organized in collaboration with leading organizations like Gandhi Peace Foundation, National Union of Journalists (India), Delhi Journalists Association, Research and Development Foundation for Integral Humanism, and Tibetan Youth Congress.


  1. To develop and promote mutual understanding among countries in the Himalayan Asia region;
  2. To conduct studies in the ongoing strategic, social, political and economic processes in countries and societies of this region to enhance learning about each other with the view point of promoting India’s relations with them.
  3. To encourage and promote exchange of views and experience among scholars of this region;
  4. To support experienced as well as young scholars and researchers to focus on developments in this region and to share their works through publications, seminars and publications.

To promote research into global democratic and human rights development, in order to advance democracy-building theory and practice.